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I plug in the grapheme cables connecting the nervous system with the deck. I turn on the console. The word READY flashes before my eyes. In a split second I locate the FPS games server. A bright, penetrating light engulfs my brain....
Big Daddy: on-line...
A G-36c submachine gun in my hands. Safety off... I feel the weight of the combat vest. The ever- present dust is already in my mouth, sweat dripping into my eyes. I light a Cuban cigar and hear myself shout...
Follow me you scum!

FPS comics

The action of HARD 2 comics is played out in the realm of a First-Person Shooter computer game.
All computer games fans will find something right up their street coming straight from that genre.
A plethora of realistic weapons, starting from the golden Desert Eagle all the way to the 30 millimetre
AH-64 Apache chain gun. The heroes have extraordinary skills, which they acquired as their characters grew.
“Quick fingers” or “Dum-Dum Ammo” may prove to be game changers during a fight.

Suitable only for adults 18+

HARD 2 is suitable ONLY FOR ADULTS 18+. Those, who like cartoon nudity and bold, adult only scenes will not be disappointed by the comics. There, you will find many pages associated with those themes.

A fickle story

Here, fans of comics stories will find an original, fickle and surprising plot, reaching deep into our natures
on many levels. The various worlds travelled by our hero intertwine with each other, at the same time creating
a cohesive whole which makes up one, extraordinary story.


The quality of HARD 2 comics will satisfy the even the most discerning. Printed on glossy coated paper, for exceptional clarity of saturated hues. Large resolution (frames drawn on a format twice the size) translates into depth and focus in each frame.


Comics circulation: ONLY 500 COPIES. Each comics is numbered from 001 to 500.

The author’s autograph and dedication upon request

There is an option to request the author’s autograph and dedication. State your request in an e-mail.
Make your copy exceptional by adding the autograph or dedication.

English version

The comics are available in English. Stickers with the English text are stuck onto the comics captions.

Available comic: HARD 2

Format: 7 x 7 inch
Cover: matt foil, UV ink
Number of pages: 75 plus cover
Paper: 170 g, glossy, full colour123456
ISBN: 978-83-926251-1-7

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