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Tomek Biniek 2014


Hi My name is Tomek Biniek, i am digital painting artist from Poland. I paint since i can remember; at work and in my free time. Painting for me is the most natural way of expressing emotions as well as internal cleansing. I always felt that emotions are the main heroes of my work. I want the viewer of my work to feel my work, more than understanding it. Whats very important for me is the technique and the attention to the detail, so my work attracts the eye and draws the attention and need to look closer. Now days the biggest artistic freedom comes from from drawing a painting; they are to me like escape into unknown, new world of emotions, colors and feelings. My inspirations are brought by life itself. Everything that surrounds me, everything i hear or feel. Sometimes its a dream, or story told by somebody, a random object, song, film or computer game. So every time it is something new and different that inspires me to make my paintings. And even though at the start of the project i have clear vision of what i want to create during the process my vision shapes into something new, more specific and mature. The way to finished painting to me is as fascinating as the journey itself.

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